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SoundCloud: @ron-flatter
Facebook: facebook.com/RonFlatterOfficial

  1. How would you describe your sound?

“It’s nothing I can describe - you have to experience it for yourself.”

  1. Dream collab?

“Jesus and me.”

  1. You in 10 years?

“Grey-haired and big-bellied, but happy.”

  1. What distinguishes you and your music from other artists?

“My own style – Flatterstyle.”

  1. Who will considerably give direction to the scene soon?

“Social media.”

  1. What makes dance music so special to you?

“You can do whatever you want and you can totally express yourself.”

  1. Next release?

“Molly EP (Einmusika), Bohannan feat. Jinadu EP (Pour La Vie Rec.), Reflected EP (Katermukke), etc..”

    Timed Tracklist
    1:20   Jan Blomqvist - Stories Over (Aparde Remix)
    5:20   Ron Flatter - Bohannan (Feat. Jinadu)
    20:00   Demian - Milestars
    21:20   demian - Milestars
    30:40   Sascha Funke - MZ
    36:20   Undercatt - Parade
    40:00   Rampa - 528 Hz
    47:00   Riva Starr - The Basement Shit
    54:00   Jorge Montia & Coqui Selection - Changes (Original Mix)
    57:00   Ron Flatter - Karisian
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