The summer of 1979 was a unique era in New York City as WBLS (World's Best Listening Sound) promolgated to the urban masses the sound of disco soul headed up by Frankie Crocker. WBLS was the nation's premier black radio station; often imitated but never duplicated. Here I have provided a collection of all the hits that were being played on WBLS during the summer of 1979. The music was original, often never played anywhere else on black radio in the nation. It would go on to become a movement that is still relevant to this day; often referred to by the name of clubheads, househeads, and disco junkies of that era when WBLS radio ruled the airwaves. Enjoy as I take you back in time when music was inspiring and everybody wanted to record mixtapes of the unique sound we seldom hear anymore of today. Were you there

Dirk J

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