"I'm Trouble"—Sado-Nation—'80
"54/40 or Fight"—Dead Moon—'89
"Red Sleeping Beauty"—McCarthy—'86
"My Favourite Wet Wednesday Afternoon"—The Siddeleys—'87
"Wednesday's Child"—The Candidates—'90
"Kymri"—The Apple Moths—'90
"Love Resistance"—Apple Boutique—'88
"The Sun, a Small Star"—The Servants—'86
"I'm Thinking of You Now"—The Light—'85
"When Daylight Is Over"—Box of Toys—'84
"Time Takes Me Back"—Box of Toys—'83
"Precious Is The Pearl"—Box of Toys—'84
"This Is The Shirt"—Two People—'85
"National Avenue"—Red Guitars—'86
"Asustado Estoy"—Nacha Pop—'87
"Motortown"—The Kane Gang—'87
"Moving Together"—Tracie—'84
"Prejudice and Pride"—Private Lives—'84
"Fingers & Thumbs"—Thomas Lang—'87
"Could It Be"—Étranger—'86
"Stay"—Linda Di Franco—'86
"Golden War"—Blue Camera—'85
"When Sly Calls"—Michael Franks—'83
"I Hear You Calling"—The Bernhardts—'84
"Time Slipping"—Pauline Murray—'80
"FLALORM"—Pale Cocoon—'84

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