This 46th episode of Audio Affair focuses a bit on the analog sound, but not entirely, as in that case we would be missing out on some really filthy tracks. This is available for free streaming / download on Soundcloud/Mixcloud/Hearthis/iTunes, and will re-air on quite a few station. The track list is below, so if you like the music, make sure to check out the artist pages - I´m just compiling this magic from the underground

Dominik Vaillant & Sebastian Schroeder - Outcast
Chris Page - Pedestrian
Claudia Cazacu - Quatrain 8
Drador - Fake Snake
Twist3d - Black Sugar
The Machinists - Stabb
Oliver Kucera - Staring at a ceiling
Drop E - Parallax
WLSN - Blue Acid
Elias the Prophet - Juggler

    19:40   Twist3d - Black Sugar

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