Hey folks,

christmas is coming closer and soon another exciting year is gone. wow... time is running and things are moving, but calm down and take a breath to get ready for a special episode of Mixing Things Up.
this time i decided to invite my buddy Marcus Jahn to join the show. so we recorded our back2back session at Club Tool this month and take a look what we got... a wonderful warm up journey containing fresh stuff of artists like Chicola, Khen, Ninetoes, Phonic Scoupe, Guy J, many more and a preview of our upcoming track Zappelphilipp...

Listen . Enjoy . Listen again

all the best
dc & mj

    23:00   Mario Aureo & Spieltape - What's That
    39:20   Khen - Authentica
    56:40   Ninetoes - All Night Long
    1:08:20   Innate - Samcro
    1:13:20   Phonice Scoupe - Baltics
    1:19:40   Shamil OM & Anton MAKe - Body Thetans (Original Mix]
    1:45:20   Rich Curtis - After You

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