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Profile description of Demia E.Clash:

Demia E.Clash born 1987 from Bosnia & Herzegovina. He has released tracks and remixes on labels such as: Elektrax, IF? Records , Gynoid, BCR, Contrast-r, ABTC-rec, [nutation]-rec, Afrotek-rec, Tekx-rec, Freshportmusic, CVM-rec and 4House Digital-rec. He first started experimenting with music production in late 2007. A year later at the age of 21 he completed his first techno & minimal style tracks that were supported by local radio and DJs. In 2008 he had his first release and since then his music is gaining more attention internationally. Demia E.Clash's music style varies from ambient, breaks and techno music. His favourite production style at the moment is experimental glitch flavoured techno with heavy pads and industrial sounds .

for Promo or Remix use:

    0:20   Joton - Gray Matter
    3:20   Crust Punk Techno - Stab It In The Back
    6:40   Emmanuel - Contrane
    10:00   Rraph - Numerical Stability
    12:40   Dubras - JAXT7
    15:00   Exium - Subshell
    18:40   Joton - Clean Skin
    22:00   Sosak - Buy This Wreck (Original Mix)
    28:00   Gilmer Galibard - Brain Poacher
    39:20   Dualit - Roh
    42:00   Ethan Fawkes - Through The Mirror
    49:40   Pär Grindvik - Folium
    54:00   Sigha - A Better Way Of Living
    55:20   Jonas Kopp - Hank
    57:40   Jonas Kopp - Khaa

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