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The most happening arrival on the Indian music scene with a dream of revolutionising electronic music production and becoming a DJ renowned across the world - is on a mission to spread Love & Happiness through his Music to all corners of the World. He delivers unique, experimental and versatile music that urges the crowd to get their groove on. He is also an active promoter of EDM & Commercial Music.
He has broadened the Entertainment Spectrum & Paved the way for a whole new Industry as well as promoting Pubs/Nightclubs & DJ Culture involved in Designing, Operating & Managing them right from its infancy Stage & doing a good role in making the word Disc-Jockey into the widely accepted & respected profession, very keen to build a record label & want to become a statement across the World.
He Produces & Mixes Bollywood and EDM to make his tracks into an illustrious harmony. He is proficient in Mixing & Beat blending with live Percussions, house music & all its variants from mellow vocal house to club to progressive to electro.
But being a DJ in India, you can't stick to just one genre. The Crowd expects a little bit of everything in one night. So he spins EDM, Hip-Hop, R&B, UK, Punjabi, Bollywood, Retro and Rock & Roll as well as he does his favourite genres. Check out some his latest works and get your groove on!

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