Nazi Germany all those evil people walked in this tempo. Just watch some war moments going in same tempo...

As you might listen, this track eventually has gotten hot. Over the course since mid 2020 I've been doing the track with greater means and production has been consistently going over an idea to do some music by levels.

This track truly is that extra level track, there wasn't that many who heard this track besides Dantrix were able to say that this track was with already used melody line, so I had to find up one wholely new one. But then when that was a great discovery this melody line became just a pint much better than the one I've used, since I've opened the project he once sent med with the line and the drums just 30 seconds stuff. That then I was able to perform it different. So perhaps great thanks to him.

But the track has gone through many mental stages, as well as 50 different project versions from time to time to enable it with higher quality and performance.

So all in all this was probably the best track in 2020.

Remember to get into my webspace to listen to tracks often in a better position than Soundcloud. Soundcloud I've stopped to use since they were shadow banning me. But this ain't the thing with hearthis.

The words are starting sometimes to say In The Castle of The Fate, and some say different say, as perhaps this track has also lyrics and singing by me. As perhaps the words taking away the third eye. It was because I've been sentenced to psychiatric treatment to nearly 20 years.

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    • Type: Original
    • 146 bpm
    • Key: Gm
    • © All rights reserved
    • Vettre, Norge
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