Our guest this week is Daryll Mellowman, live from chicago and for the very first time broadcasted worldwide from France.
He started djing in 1982 on the Westside of Chicago playing Jack Tracks, House, Disco and Hip Hop.
His search for new music grew so did his knowledge and his mind opened to different genres of Music....which was called UNDERGROUND MUSIC !!
The best era for UNDERGROUND MUSIC is the 90's according to him because of the diversity with so many styles, tempos, and sounds.
We can quote Daryll's words, all this taken from the conversation we had before the radio show;
" - 313 DBN Radio : When did the idea to host a live show every week came out of your mind ? "
" - Daryll Mellowman : There was so much music that is on vinyl that will never be a wave file or mp3, and so i spoke with Micheal Serafini the owner of GRAMAPHONE RECORDS STORE IN CHICAGO and I asked if I could stream a live show playing vinyl and promote the store as well..... "
We are very proud to introduce Daryll Mellowman to a wider audience this week, tune in at 313dbn.com

    • 127 bpm
    • Key: Gbm
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