Hey Donald! Fuck You!


Pressure Drop, Axel Karakasis
Desire, Axel Karakasis
Rhythm A , Humo
Everybody , The Advent, Spiriakos
Catastrophe Dans L'Intervalle , Irregular Synth
Infinity, Claudia Cazacu
Kush, Chicago Loop
Stereo Vice, Chicago Loop
The Advent Industrialyzer ,Morning Madness
Lockdown , Alessandro Grops
Manga , Duel Mono
Subsight , No Way Out
Sisko Electrofanatik, Fading Lights
Use Me, Chicago Loop
Megablast, Dave The Drummer & Syber Symon
No Half Measures, Angy Kore
She Really Has It, (Drummer Remix) Dave The Drummer & Marcello Perri
Force Field, The Advent & Industrialyzer
TSCLC, Joton
Hurricane (Ben Long Remix), Irregular Synth
Industrial, The Advent & Industrialyzer
Vash Lawrence, Toned Spectr
System Shock, Bodyscrub
Transition, Dave The Drummer & Syber Symon
Clones, Natalino Nunes (AnGy KoRe & Gymmy J Remix - 2010)
Impossible Odds, Darmec
Scream, Ovi M

    19:40   Chicago Loop - Kush
    40:40   Dave The Drummer & Syber Symon - Megablast - Original Mix
    1:14:20   Natalino Nunes - Clones

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