As the misfits, Freaks and outsiders started their journey into the weird and wonderful alleys of the underground, lurking in an occasional kebab and chip shop down one of those streets was a future master of the art, Lil’ Mark!

Drawn to electronics, electronic music and electronic component stores, Mark was lured by the snare of an 808 he’d heard. Chips became ‘chips’ - the journey had begun. He watched, listened, learned and then blagged his way to Chicago to learn properly from the other misfits across the pond. There he was initiated into the home of House Music staying with one of the godfathers of the scene Derrick Carter. By this point all was lost for Mark, he would never be able to shake off his addiction for the true path. On his return, he donned his cape and claimed his rightful place at the table of the 909.

The sonic ingredients for Mark’s new release on MFF, The Future Back Then EP were found in the back room of one of those Chicago clubs. These ingredients have been used, abused, lost and found in the past. Simple and effective, they walk in and out of people lives, causing happiness, forging friendships, creating memories. They come into fashion and leave, but their legacy has already been cemented. The ingredients for the Acid House sound are as influential as ever, 25 years since they stole the hearts of a generation.

The Future Back Then EP is a progressive ballad of sounds that echo back to their birth place. Complimented by a remix & our Debut Transmission from the Music For Freaks founding fathers (and their 1st remix of a new release on the recently re-launched label), Freaks have flipped the script on the original and catapulted it into the next decade.

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