• Danny Ryze
    WoW 15th Anniversary Mix

    WoW 15th Anniversary Mix by Danny Ryze
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With nothing else to do while waiting for the release of WoW Classic I decided to gather up all the best remixes of WoW music that I could find and put them into a 1 hour mix. Included in this set is my own remix of the Lion's Pride Inn theme music, Lion's Pride available now on YouTube and Soundcloud.

    0:00   Nautilus - Goodbye Arthas (World of Warcraft Lich King Remix)
    3:00   UltimaStealth - Invincible (Techno Remix)
    10:40   FoggyDoodz - World of Warcraft Cataclysm Main Theme (Electro Remix Test)
    12:00   Danny Ryze - Lion's Pride (Danny Ryze Trance Remix)
    15:45   Airwaze - For A Warcaft (CLuBLioNX Nightcore Alternative Special Mix)
    19:30   World of Warcraft - Call To Arms (Rusty Dust Remix)
    23:30   DJ Nautilus - World of Warcraft Remix
    27:00   Ephixa - Warcraft (EPIC Remix of Howling Fjord) [Hard Trance]
    30:50   ChemiiOneLegacy - Nightsong Trance Remix
    37:20   Vedrim - Lion's Pride Inn (Trance Mix)
    39:35   Neal Acree & Julie Elven - Anduin's Theme (Raikey Uplifting Remix)
    42:30   J.B. Scott - No King Rules Forever
    48:20   bbangsami - Glory To Stormwind (Trance Mix)
    50:55   Sexy Simo - Many Whelps (Onyxia Wipe Hard Trance Remix) [Explicit Language!!!]

    • 139 bpm
    • Key: Abm
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