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Rave Podcast with Daniel Lesden is monthly radio show with the best Progressive and Trance music and guest artists from all over the world. Rave Podcast represents underground music scene and showcases Daniel Lesden's musical taste in such genres as Progressive, Psy and Trance.

The show is broadcasted on DI.FM every first Tuesday of a month 7 PM UK time. More info at ravepodcast.com

Special guests of this month — Nikki S(UK).

January 2016


Daniel Lesden booking (worldwide):

    0:00   Techyon - NG-101
    30:20   Artsense - Consciousness
    32:00   ArtSense - Consciousness
    35:00   Polaris - Oldies & Goodies
    37:00   Oberón - Different World
    46:20   Various Artists - Time Code
    54:40   Phanatic - Peace, Love, Unity, Respect
    57:00   Thomas Datt - The Psychonaut
    1:40:00   Avalon - Time & Space
    1:47:40   Vertical Mode - Lazer Shot

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