Created for junto0289 project.
The challenge was "Imagine an instrument that has been lost in the sands of time."
I imagine my upright bass. When I bought it in the late 80's the previous owner was a very old retired bassist , he didn't played the instrument for at least 10 years.
When he took it from some dusty storage place it was dirty and had three strings, hairy old gut strings. I asked him about the 4th and he said "oh it broke sometime in the sixties, never replaced it"
The other 3 strings were the originals for the bass builder, around 1900....
So that instrument really came from a different time.
I don't have the gut strings any more but yesterday I bought a Bass Ukulele, and played acoustically it remind me that dumb, low thud the old gut strings had.
This is the first recording with that Uke Bass taken with two microphones, a ribbon and an Neumann condenser,at home today Sunday 16th July 2017.

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