This week’s Dark Nation Radio broadcast can now be streamed and will be my last “regular” show for a little while as I move into a period of special programs. This coming Sunday (12/17), I’ll be presenting my annual “Dark Solstice” show (any Heilung fans out there?!) and then on SATURDAY the 23rd I’ll be presenting a three-hour 2023 retrospective.

This week’s show goes through three phases. It starts off on an upbeat trancey note including dstrtd sgnl, Juno Reactor, State of the Union, and ESA; it then takes a turn toward gothy postpunk including Occults, Black Nail Cabaret, Violent Vickie, and Stridulum; and it rounds out on a heavier note including Circuit Preacher, Demonwarp, and Curse Mackey.

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DJ cypher’s Dark Nation Radio Playlist
10 December 2023

Dstrtd sgnl, “Bassline (extended)”
Juno Reactor, “Dakota (G.M.S. remix)”
State of the Union, “Radioman (extended)”
ESA, “Disruption Only”
Damien Hearse, “Crime”
Urban Heat, “Stay”
Supernova 1006, “Ghostrunner”
Royb0t, “Hitscan”
Extize ft. Her Own World, “Dark Knight”
Huir, “Vital”
Occults, “Depeche Mode”
Black Nail Cabaret, “Autogenetic”
Violent Vicky & Mirror of Haze, “Bright Up My Life”
Selfishadows, “Everything Changes”
Aux Animaux, “Violence in the Silence”
Cyanbaal, “Violence”
Stridulum, “Refugium”
pMAD, “Who Am I”
The Noise Who Runs, “Beautiful Perhaps”
Yama Uba, “Laura”
Circuit Preacher, “Con Man”
Demonwarp, “Onikiri”
DHI (Death and Horror, Inc.), “Chosen Ruler (Mix v2)”
Curse Mackey, “The Reveal (Uncrossed Remix)”
The Violent Youth, “Poslednii dens”
House of Serpents, “Underneath”
Yuznu, “She-Ha”
Chiasm, “Cuts Right Through (remix)”

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