For this third Mixtape dedicated to our website ‘Daft Punk Anthology‘, the DJ/producer ‘CrydaLuv’‘ which became known with his excellent rework of ‘End of line‘ (Tron Legacy), with his hilarious ‘Get Knacki‘ (Get Lucky edit) completely inevitable, and of course with his quality collaborations and remixes, has agreed to give us a big new mix. Indeed, the thought was by DaftSide (founder of DPA), the concept was to mix the best of all tracks from ‘side-project’ labels of the robots, Roulé‘ by Thomas Bangalter and Crydamoure by Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo and Eric Chédeville, such as a big VERSUS for this digital encyclopedia. With a cover made by the artist.


23- Deelat - G.M.F. CRYDA 009 24- thomas bangalter - what to do /Roulé 301/
25- Crydajam - Loaded CRYDA 018 26- THOMAS BANGALTER - Turbo /Roulé 306/
27- Le Knight Club - Hysteria II CRYDA 007 28- thomas bangalter - Outrun /Roulé 301/
29- Le Knight Club - Soul Bells (Cryda Luv' Tribute mix) +CRLDV Rec+
30- buffalo bunch - Buffalo Club +Scratché 701+
31- Sedat - The Turkish Avenger CRYDA 012 32- Roy Davis Jr - Rock Shock (Thomas Bangalter's Start-Stop Mix) /Roulé 304/
33- Play Paul - Holy Ghostz CRYDA 010 34- Thomas Bangalter - Roulé Boulé /Roulé 301/
35- Le Knight Club - Mosquito CRYDA 005 36- Thomas Bangalter - Outrage /Roulé 309/
37- Archigram - Mad Joe CRYDA 014 38- Thomas bangalter feat. dj falcon - So much love to give (dupré pump mix) /Together 2/
39- The Buffalo Bunch - Take It To The Street (T.I.T.T.S.) CRYDA 006 40- Thomas bangalter - Extra dry /Roulé 306/
41- Crydajam - If You Give Me The Love I Want CRYDA 018 42- Romanthony - Hold on ( Got a grip dubb) /Roulé 307/
43- Deelat - Wet Indiez CRYDA 009 44- Crydamoure - Smoke Weed Every Day (BONUS TRACK)

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