In "Transference" i'm going to introduce you some different music and different people which i really enjoy.

In new episode you'll hear new music which i found over last month and amazing guest mix by AstroPilot. As for me, i think his music is one of the brightest vibes nowadays. He combines many different ideas, styles in his own unique sound and give us wide space for thoughts and stories. He released many cool albums, singles, eps. I would advise you to get acquainted with his works immediately :)

He also introduced us a few exclusive tracks.

I only want to wish you to listen and enjoy the music.
Feel the transference of emotions and thoughts :)

Cloower Wooma Mix:

  1. Cave in the Sky - Scnghellir
  2. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Euphotic (Live Version)
  3. Cloower Wooma - ID
  4. Noraus - The Incredible Adventures Of A Microbe A
  5. State Azure - Send & Receive
  6. Motion Drive - Modesetter
  7. Side Liner & Aviron - Last Sun
  8. Ajnia - All Jazz Nights
  9. Unusual Cosmic Process - Silent Kerguelen
  10. Sinerider - Print
  11. Jan Amit - Lonely As A Cloud

AstroPilot Guestmix:

  1. AstroPilot - Balance
  2. AstroPilot - Desolate Spaces
  3. AstroPilot - Permanent Impermanence
  4. AstroPilot - YOUniverse
  5. AstroPilot - Predestination
  6. AstroPilot - Forest AM
  7. AstroPilot - Frozen Time
  8. AstroPilot - Shots Of Awe
  9. AstroPilot - Attraction

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AstroPilot (Russia/Ukraine):

    5:20   CARBON BASED LIFEFORMS - Euphotic - Live Version
    22:40   State Azure - Send & Receive
    29:40   Side Liner - Last Sun
    42:20   Unusual Cosmic Process - Silent Kerguelen
    1:38:20   Astropilot - Frozen Time

    Ambient, Ambient, Chillout, Psybient, Modern Classical, Psychedelic
    • Type: Podcast
    • Release Date: 2016-03-20
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