Deep I Circles & Spheres I Landscape

Podcast #25.1 Mary Yalex


„What are your musical influences and how
did you first become involved with music and production?

When I was little I took a liking to the drums.
My mother was already a classical and blues player,
but sent me to keyboard lessons at age thirteen.
I really didn’t enjoy classical keyboarding at the time.
I couldn’t identify with the sound or esthetic then,
so I quit soon after. I was listening to quite a mixed
up variety all around,
and I had no determined direction.
Then, when I turned seventeen,
I bought my first sequencing software,
and smashed a lot of time into it, building my first beats,
and really started developing a sharp
knowledge and interest from listening to and
playing my mother’s piano. While I lived in Austria
for a long time, a friend showed me how to
build beats using a Roland MC 303,
so I picked up my own MC 808 along with Ableton.
During this period, I was strongly influenced by downtempo,
techno and ambient sounds, which is reflected in my production.
Over time I have been listening to and still
love classical music..."

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All Tracks Produced By Mary Yalex

01 Broken Café Blues
02 A Space for us all
03 Return to grey
04 Lonely drift
05 Here and nowhere else
06 Habour Lights
07 untitled
08 Earth Blossom
09 Star gazing
10 The Story of blue monday
11 Between the world and me
12 untitled



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