Although it reached its golden years between 1997 and 2008, it became the most popular electronic style in the world, whose audience filled stadiums and festivals reminiscent of the great rock shows in the past. The Trance style continues in my opinion to be the most emotional, melodic and paradisiacal style ever with the particularity of bringing people together. With this set, I make a special contribution to the genre, which also includes a theme of mine, plus 9 great themes with renowned artists!

Cino (Por) presents Trance (Special Tribute Mix):


  1. Tiesto - Elements Of Life (Original Mix)
  2. Gouryella - Gouryella (Original Mix)
  3. Gouryella - Ligaya (Extended Vocal Version)
  4. Airbase - Modus Operandis (Original Mix)
  5. Sensation -The Anthem 2003 (Original Mix)
  6. Cold Blue & Del Mar - 11 Days (Sebastian Brandt Remix)
  7. Pulp Victm - The World (Moon Man Remix)
  8. Cino (Por) - Eden (Original Mix)
  9. Ferry Costern presents Gouryella - Anahera (Extended Mix)
  10. Armin Van Buren presents Rising Star - Touch Me (Original Mix)

In loving memory of the best beautifull eletronic music genre!

Cino (Por) presents Trance (Special Tribute Mix)
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