Hey friends, dancers, music fans, DJs and fellow Hushers. I want to thank you all for the absolutely amazing vibe, and good times at Hush's closing night and through it's fourteen year run.

Hush was always a mix of a bunch of eccentrics, who loved great dance music. It was our home. Freaks, gays, goths, punks, bros, partiers, hippies, bar stars, lost souls, free spirits and nomads we all crowded into the same "dingy basement" and for the most part, got along fucking great! It was a place as unique as your favourite childhood memory, and I know a lot of us, held it just as close to our hearts. It was the only dance bar open on Christmas for years, and that is testament to the healing and therapeutic nature of getting super mashed and listening to thump thump thump all night long!

As a music fan, and a man who loved to dance; I have an orgy of memories with incredible music pulsating from those iconic speaker stacks. I saw Artists like Dekoze, Deekline, Aphrodite, BT, DJ Dan, Bad Boy Bill, Meat Katie, Kaskade, DJ C1, Mark Farina, Freestylers, Myagi, General Midi, Johnny fiasco and my favorite Paranoid Pack send dancers Into a dance floor frenzy while relishing in a small space. That said, I honestly might have even better memories of the locals. Hush was blessed with DJs who worked hard on their craft, who took it seriously enough to practice for one set for a month and totally obliterate minds. There are too many to name, but chances are, I am talking about you Dj. :)

As a regular Dj I can say I have had the honour of standing on that stage many times. Playing at hush really was better than playing anywhere else and when it was rocking, it really was something else. All I can say is Thank You for listening/dancing, You helped make it incredible.

Finally, a thank you to David Tilson for putting up with me and letting me be in Rocky Horror :), to Brent Carmichael for being the first to book me(and lending me $ when I was driving with no windshield wipers, thanks)and to Jack, for barking for two and a half minutes on my answering machine like a terrier(happened) and always keeping me guessing.

Lastly, I want to say how well I think everyone played on Saturday. Great music! Carson and Mykee really played awesome. For my set I really went for a darker, bassline sound. I wanted it to be new music, music that excited me right now, with some classics along the way. Finally, I wanted to end with the uplifting house sound I was mostly known for. It was a set I am proud of, spanning: deep house, electro, garage, progressive and filtered house. Brent used to say to me, use every genre like a tool, and I think you can't be a great gardener using only a shovel. Here is my final set, at the closing night at Hush, which I played to a sold out room, 11-MIdnight. Enjoy!

♥ C-

    House, Tech House, progressive house, Disco House
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