Welcome to the next part of Chris-A-Nova’s Psytrance sessions.
Today I’ll bring you some new and great tracks from my favorite Artists like Imaginarium, Hypnoise, Altruism, Djantrix, Makida, Middle Mode, Reversed Logic, Spinal Fusion, Volcano, Imagine Mars and a few more.
I hope you like, enjoy and maybe share it with your friends ;-).
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  1. Imaginarium - 100 Billion Neurons (Hypnoise Remix) (Sacred Technology)
  2. Spirit Architect, Out Of Range - Space X (Digital Om)
  3. Altruism - Endless Smile (Nano)
  4. Mono Sapiens, Mental Control - Space Review (Transcape)
  5. Djantrix, Modual - Cisterna (Nataraja)
  6. Reversed Logic - Eternal Hallucination (Digital Om)
  7. Makida - Musical Sphere (TechSafari)
  8. Middle Mode - Chemistry (Digital Om)
  9. Spinal Fusion, Labirinto - Long Distance (Profound)
  10. Imaginarium - Pressure (Digital Om)
  11. NoFace - Fractal Portal (Sacred Technology)
  12. Volcano, Imagine Mars - Collective Minds (Sacred Technology)
  13. Imagine Mars, Earthspace - Transcend (Sacred Technology)

**All songs are copyright to rightful owners. All rights go to the Producers & Record Labels as mentioned in the track list above.

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    Psytrance, Acid, Goa, Psychedelic, Trance, Hypnoise, Altruism, Djantrix, Makida, Spinal, Fusion, Volcano, Reversed Logic, Imagine Mars, Spinal Fusion, Middle Mode
    • 143 bpm
    • Key: Abm
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