"Before the great Judge Ep"

This young artist approach's his music compositions in a classic old school way,not one for following the fashion or sticking to one vibe,his method is simple,Melody,good vibes and a good back beat..Simple but very effective,allowing the music to dictate the style not the style to dictate the music.

1) "Before the Great Judge"is a rather special tune that has all the correct elements to make it a timeless classic,a guitar-esk synth top line that just evokes heavenly emotion,warm rhythm and bass and a great arrangement which allows this tune to fit into any Dj's create ready to drop at just the right time …

2) "Discovery"is an Arp lead club tune,with added warm deep sub bass tones,peppering's of melodies and pacey beats that infuse well to make it simply a solid dance track….
3) "Break Through"is a very honest to the point Proggie type tune that bubbles in all the right places,takes you on a good journey and brake down just at the right time to introduce you to a cool hook melody that you can defiantly sing along to …
4) "Power of Sound" has a rather sweat 80's feel to it,with its harmonic tonal bass,smooth darker haunting string lines and gentle little splashes of melodic sounds to put you into that mood….

An all round interesting package that blurs Genre's and focuses on Melody ….


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