Microswitch Manufacturer

What Is A Microswitch?
Gaote series micro switches are high precision switches that provide high repetition accuracy.
They have a long service life and can operate at high temperatures.

How Does A Microswitch Work?
The microswitch works by sensing movement or pressure from the environment. For example, when the dishwasher is opened, it relieves pressure from the actuator, also known in Laymen terms as a button or plunger. When pressure is released from this button, it opens the circuit. This means that electricity is cut off from the rest of the machine.

Standard Applications For Microswitches
There are many practical applications for micro switches. You can use it to measure or sense anything that moves. For this switch, we have many different measurement options, which depend on the actuator used. There are six standard drive options: sail / paddle, canvas, styrene float, tendril / wire, roller or plunger master micro switch. Actuators can be caused by air currents, weight, physical contact, or passing motion.

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