the longest wait
you ever had to make was for that day
the torches you had raised through eternity
how you shivered, swearing, snowblind in your car
short goodbyes, prayers for acetone and stars
a map to where you think you are

the open mouth
your little spirit on a messy couch
well you told me how it tasted like the finer things
and you spat out all the hairs in your bordeaux
as I tried to picture the only love you'd ever known
delving deeper deeper til you were all alone

so dress up nice
it's your wedding day, the betrothed is in on ice
your lonely lifetime, not so cute on the inside
it can't feel like it did when we were young
when you were falling in and I split through the sun
the voices saying "drop the gun"

and now it doesn't matter where you go
they will be there, sucking up the train car smoke
it is the softest thing you've ever known
a tale told by a genius, full of silence, full of calm
you were always so assured you had a choice when they all called
no, you knew you never had a choice at all

and the wisp of smoke you'd been when your world would glisten
and the days you'd seen that no one could ever touch
no, no one could ever quite be enough

and you know, you'd be much more precious with a condition
yeah, the kind where you collapse and you can't stand up
so the care and the carry will feel just like love

(oftentimes, I take from the river,
or sit still and watch the water move the wheel;
only all of these aloe vera plants keep falling from the banks.
it's not just good for relieving sunburn;
it also lowers my blood sugar.
it’s a safe alternative to mouthwash, because of the natural vitamin C.
it kills harmful bacteria,
soothes my burning heart and my digestive disorder.
I take 1-3 oz at mealtime;
my skin has never been clearer.
you don’t need to talk to a doctor.
as for me and my car, we shall serve the Lord.)

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