Profile description of CAT[2]CAT:

We are DJs Yazu 🐅 and CATRAXX 🐆, respectively. We are very stubborn people and thought that simply spinning back to back is boring. It would be much more entertaining if we both used devices made by different manufacturers that don't really like each other! The result is that our setup is complicated and overengineered is some places, weird and held together with literal duct tape and hot glue in others.

Could all this be done much more easily and efficiently? Yes. Yes, it can, and you should do it, you boring person. It is fun this way, though, and we learned a lot doing it.

So why CAT2CAT? Well, we noticed that we needed some sort of brand name for our performances, as it was getting confusing to just do it under the umbrella of our original DJ handles. That's all. Also, CAT2CAT sounds nerdy. So, it wasn't all after all.

    Drum & Bass
    • 170 bpm
    • Key: Bbm
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