Profile description of caspian:

Techno activist since 1999, Caspian started his career in 2000
as Resident dj under Mox moniker for the Equinox, french
national scene located in the centre of France. Initially specialised
in trip hop ambient & easy listening , with musical skills and tastes.
"Le café Equinox" has been charted n°3 by the european blog
as triphop and electronic music place to be ! strong with this experience
the café Equinox team and Mox organised several conceptual parties and festivals
right in the heart of the country. Since, time done his dutty and the team split in 2003.
Two of them launched a new project in Limoges called the barouf, where Caspian played several times !....
Anyway ! Mox moved, first, to Orleans and played for
different clubs meanwhile improving and learning production stuff....

After 1 year, he traveled to Barcelona during the sonar festival
and get inspired by this local Rave power.
Energised, he came back to Poitiers, with plenty of ideas in his dj bag ! Where a new job was also waiting for him !

He join a real underground vinyl shop with a great experience in drum n bass
and french hardcore techno scene, called Toon'z shop created by DJ Toon'z, member
of the jungle therapy crew composed originaly by Toon'z, L'Imposteur, Krumble the discobreaker,
Nahab, Neima et la tribu, Breakfast.

Mox contributed to the crew with his great knowledge of techno and mnml sound.
During 7 years they played in a lot of rave parties, festivals and free parties. The team travelled,
bought and sold an incredible amount of vinyls on and most of all, produced a lot of new and various talents from
the international electronic music scene!
They ruled the underground french market for almost ten years and became one of the greatest & famous shop in Europe.
They were wellknown for their open mindedness and musical skillz.

During all those years Mox played unique and tacticals tracks and promoted techno
music from the rave to the grave!

Party time ! he met Eggbox from Aldente records,
the oldest techno and dub french netlabel. They felt the friendship and made the deal.
First releases sold under the creative commons license and this EP turned on the most
important “dub techno” and “minimal” podcasts. He received a substantial support from
platforms and specialized blogs like "the Bug", Mixotic, Groove, Cult Crusher, Tsugi& Dogmazik.
This has been followed by another bomb release: the “Tundra EP” which has been charted and
supported by many underground and international dj/producers like: Octave one,UR, Mike Wall, Heron, Marcel Dettmann, the Wizard, Eggbox, Daegon, Yostek, Dirt crew, Decado, Daniel Abel, Cane, Zra, Kjofol, Jon Gurd, Lars Sieling, Letkolben, Semtek, Tom Glide.. His track “Cold Breath” selected for the '100 Best Techno/Dub Tracks of 2009' appeared in the epic mix of Mixotic Podcast and
de:bug (Berliner Magazine), his tracks widely widely played over international netradios.
Thanks to 'Berlin Mitte Institute'.

In 2010 Mox started a new project close to his Dj sessions under 'Caspian'
moniker from minimal too loud techno style, and signed First with the Redukt records Familly.
He met Over 8 artist and played several time in portugal and france
with him and his label blackline...
then signed on O.ton, Googoo Records ,Musik Gewinnt Freunde, Toppaz Digital,Blackline records,
Freitag Limited, Wall music, LCR, Crunch control, Concepto hipnotico...
and take an international dimension.

Caspian "aka Mox" then met Sash Liq, Daniel Abel and all of the stuttgart crew :
Mischkonsum rec.

after several collab's in a real familly spirit with the Miko wolfpack
"Sash Liq, Freddy Hetzinger, Dopamin synaps," they suggested Caspian to be a part of it
and gave im the sublabel MIKOTH in a totaly free mood.

it's all about music and beats

Record Labels :

-Al Dente Records
-Googoo Records
-Musik Gewinnt Freunde
-O.ton records
-Toppaz Digital
-Blackline record
-Freitag Ltd
-Momentum league
-Wall music
-Crunch control
-Concepto Hipnotico
-ElasticGun records

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    • 126 bpm
    • Key: Bm
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