Profile description of Dj Carpe Diem:

Dj and psy-trance promouter from Moscow.

lya Yarovykh aka Dj Carpe Diem was born in Moscow in 1986. Strangely enough, he was indifferent to the music, practically till adulthood. Everything has changed, after one movie. It was "The Wall" - surreal musical film, based on the 1979 Pink Floyd album of the same name. It was an incredible experience. And there was no way back - new, colourful and unknown world of sounds was so engaging! But the path to the psychedelic trance music was thorny. All has happened by chance, and the trigger was ... the book! It was Irvine Welsh's Ecstasy. An idea to get to the night party became obsessive, and, once, the oppportunity turned up. How dissapointed was Ilya, when he found out that all his friends decided to go to the party, which was held in skatepark instead of glamour club in the center. In reality it was a fantastic rave with Infected Mushroom's presentation of the album "Converting Vegetarians". That party became a bifurcation point of the life.

After several years of clubbing, Ilya got accuainted with party-oraganaizers from the Future Trance Promo Group ( F.T.P.G) and soon started helping them as a volonteer. He tryed to use any opportunity to get acquainted with dj stuff. Staying in the club after party, asking more experienced friends or using digital apps. Quite soon the opportunity to play in public appeared. Since that moment, Ilya started playing at Moscow parties regullary. His skills grows and parties where he used to perform became larger and larger.

Dj Carpe Diem have been performing at lots of festivals, as HADRA Trance Festival (France), Space of Joy, Trishula, Space Camp, Universe of Stars, Key to Summer etc. His style can vary from melodic psy-progressive up to energizing night psychedelic trance, depending on time-table.

In 2007 Ilya became one of the founders of Dreams Catchers promotion. Since the very beginning, Dreams Catchers, have been focused on an ambisious goal - popularization of Psy-Progressive stage in Russia.
Over the past 9 years they have acquainted Moscow party people with dozenz of psy-progressive artists, like Zyce, Flegma, Ectima, Protonica, dj Emok, Gaudium, Atmos, Lyctym, Vertex, True Lies, Symphonix, Tandem and so on.

Nowdays dj Carpe Diem is the resident of the TeleportStation Radio and Dreams Catchers promotion.

His project "Little Fridays", originally was started as a series of weekly parties on wednesdays in Moscow in 2010. In 2015 it was reborn as a weekly radio show.

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