Marilyn Strathern (Cambridge): 'Transformational relations: transplantation and metamorphosis'

This paper imagines two interrelated modes of thinking about transformation and thus about the transformation of disciplines. It considers ways in which anthropology is already transforming itself, and turns the question about what is anthropological into one about what kind of future we may conjure up for a subject that refers to itself in the plural (‘anthropologies’). That sense of internal multiplicity also raises questions at the heart of the collaborative languages that we speak. An example is given in the emphasis that English-speaking anthropology puts on the concept of relations.

This lecture was held in the context of the colloquium series 'Conjunctures and Creations: Anthropological Transformations/Transformations of Anthropology', jointly organised by CARMAH and the Institute of European Ethnology (Humboldt University, Berlin) on 29 May 2018.

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