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Engel was conceived 342 years ago when a meteorite plunged deep into a mountain. The awesomeness slowly formed and developed over the years until Engel was born in an explosion of fire and smoke. This was not the eruption of a volcano, it was the birth of a legend.
Engel then wandered the landscape for a year, surviving by hunting squirrels and bears with his bare hands. Then one day he ran into a pack of wild tornadoes. They took him in, raising him as one of their own.
One day Engel built a house. It was a great house with a lot of open space and a loud bass-heavy sound system. With nothing but a hand shovel he dug up a pocket of molten steel, with which he molded a pair of godly turntables with his bare hands. Engel then bullied the Sun into shining its light in various directions through the skylights in his house at night, flashing to the beat.

    0:40   Various Artists - And I Try
    10:20   Cupid - Cupid Shuffle
    15:40   DJ Antoine - Every Breath You Take
    22:20   Queen - We Will Rock You (2001 Digital Remaster)
    23:00   DJ Antoine - We Will Rock You
    26:20   Donna Summer - Fame (The Game) Dan Chase Full Vocal
    27:40   Doodge & Viper - Whoomp! (There It Is) [Cedric Vian, Joss H & DJ LP Remix] [feat. Tag Team]
    34:00   Young MC - Bust A Move
    38:40   Ghost Busters - Ghost Busters 2009 (Housebrothers Remix)
    50:00   Freemasons Ft Julie Thompson - I’m Not Alone Now
    53:00   Run-D.M.C. - It's Like that
    57:40   Spank Rock - Bump - Switch Remix
    1:04:20   STFU - Thriller
    1:07:20   Tristan Garner - Gypsy Woman 2010
    1:23:40   House of Pain - Jump Around

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