• Gregory T Carlson

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As always I am heavily focused on rhythm and melody! This has a jazzy, rather chill but deep Afro -Cuban- Latin House 'scent' to it through much of it .. but also some really beautiful soulful house tracks.. !! Organ! Sax! Flute! Guitar~! Terrific deep rolling basslines!! etc! Yo estaba teniendo un montón de diversión !!

    1:00   Vick Lavender - Havana (Chasing Spirits)
    16:20   Dolls Combers - Absorb the Light
    41:00   Thamza - You My Dear
    59:00   Marie Joly & Black Coffee - Gratitude
    1:01:00   Dario D'Attis - All Over Again - Rocco Deep Mix
    1:18:00   Eltonnick - Firefly
    1:25:20   Nina Simone - Turn Me On
    1:29:00   Joe Cocker - You Are So Beautiful
    1:35:20   Dolls Combers - Grateful
    1:41:20   St Germain - Real Blues
    1:46:20   Dubtribe Sound System - Equitoreal
    1:57:40   Chelonis R. Jones - I Don't Know
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    Deep House
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