Bassmæssage is dropping its second vinyl release

Various Artists - Second Drop (BSSMSSG 002, 12", 2023)
with Nuphlo & Bukkha, DjBadshape, Sun People, Dub Across Borders, Paranoid One and bhed

Bassmæssage is the heaviest and most consistent bass music night out of Leipzig, operating way over 30 low frequency terrapeutic events since 2007.
Hosting ventral vibrations by the likes of Mungo's Hifi, Moonshine, Rupture, Hardwax and the homies of Jahtari, maintaining strong relations within the local soundsystem culture like Zoumo and Plug Dub and pushing a ton of grass-roots DJs and visual artists, out of doubt it is a sure shot for all who like it low and want it vibrant.

2015 saw the release of the "Volume One" vinyl, blending all kinds of styles and tempi by artists who had played at a Bassmæssage. Dub met Dubstep, Footwork went along some Snailfunk Drum'n'Bass and even Skweee had a cameo. And all this happened on one plate with a warm vibe from start to finish.

It is about time to revive the label with a new vinyl compilation named "Second Drop", following the tradition of a nice roundup across various bass music tearitorries. One side pumps at uplifting 160 BPM, while the flipside is shifting down to relaxing 135 and even 120 speeds.

Nuphlo and Bukkha team up for the energetic modern halftime piece "Drip". Nuphlo might ring a bell as part of The Nasha Experience from London and Leeds, connecting asian roots with nowadays UK bass sounds. Bukkha is state-side born and has recently emigrated to Spain, from where this worldwide touring DJ machine is firing a plethora of bass music styles on renowned labels like Moonshine, System and Innamind.

DjBadshape passes the breakbeat driven torch with handsome melodies and subby kickbass on "Drift" to reflect Leipzig's well various scenes. While checking her tracks on Defrostatica and Human, one may also find artworks for Bassmæssage and more.

Sun People is closing the 160 side with the deep but dirty retro 90s jungle bit "Rise Up". Combining Techno, Footwork and UK Hardcore Breakbeats, the Graz based bass buab made it to releases on Exit, Rua and Alphacut.

Flipping sides, Dub Across Borders redefines steppers dub into the dreamy yet rolling "Bass Tree Dream". The project was found by a Copenhagen dubber when living in Colombia, fusing the rural folklore with soundsystem energy into a world-bass music. This can be heard on labels like Basscomesaveme, Translation and 45Seven and is best to be experienced in its live dubbing appearance which premiered at a Bassmæssage in 2015.

Paranoid One grabs these feelings and drops them a bit more sinister, "Glimp" manages to hide a playful 4 to the floor kick as well beyond its smooth soundscapes and percussions. As Paranoid Society these split personalities from Tallinn were delivering to Modern Urban Jazz and Alphacut already since a decade at least.

bhed finishes with the slow far-away dubsteppish "Minerva". Make sure to not only check the releases on Row and Trusik but also the freshly baked Neuburg based liveact inbetween cosy ambient and lush bass music at the next Bassmæssage on 18th November in LeipZig!

"Nice & various!"
Babe Roots (System, Zamzam, Echocord)

"Nuff riddim ruffage here to keep me regular"
Steve Barker (On The Wire)

"Nice release, I like [the] Sun People and Nuphlo x Bukkha tunes. Other side [is] sweet and smooth, big up!"
Moresounds (Astrophonica, Cosmic Bridge, Original Cultures)

"Diverse, atmospheric and vibey throughout, a fresh collection of dubwise jungle & breaks for every mood."
E3 (ZamZam Sounds)

"A superbly curated, highly versatile bassmusic compilation by BSSMSSG Crew. I love the Paranoid One and bhed"
Jah Schulz (Railroad, Basscomesaveme, Infinite Density)

"From far out dub pulsars to sparkling beats, it's a neat toolbox of membrane stretchers."
C0P (lo flow)

"Lushous, laid-back listening for early autumn, reminiscing summer vibes."
Æon Flux (Trommelbass)

"Another group of scorchers from Bassmæssage luminaries, worth to check out and play loud"
Collie Weed (Dub System)

"Solid second release from Leipzigs Bassmæssage camp, in line with current UK influenced bass music. Ranging from spacious advanced dub techno to proper drum n bass rollers. None too dark or experimental, all club-ready."
Junktion (

"... a proper combination of halftyme, UK bass, juke-influenced compositions with a dubby foundation. The right tunes for the last outdoor rave entering the cold seasons."
Cate Hops (Buyreggae)

TLDR? tracklisting & facts:

B = bass side:
B1: Nuphlo & Bukkha - Drip (4:36, 160 BPM)
B2: Dj Badshape - Drift (3:22, 160 BPM)
B3: Sun People - Rise Up (4:25, 160 BPM)

M = mæssage side:
M1: Dub Across Borders - Bass Tree Dream (5:08, 120 BPM)
M2: Paranoid One - Glimp (3:39, 125 BPM)
M3: bhed - Minerva (5:48, 135 BPM)

BSSMSSG 002 incl 6 tracks at 120-160 BPM on 12" vinyl in papercraft cover,
out November 2023, distributed by Suburban Trash, Hardwax, ...?

#junkle #substep #deephop
#bassmæssage #seconddrop #leipzig

Bassmæssage label and A&R work is run by MRN, Dj Badshape, Tico and LXC, who also did vinyl mastering and the discosleeve artwörk - the Basstelbogen "Scoopwise", where you may built your own speaker model.
Big up to all supporters, makers and dreamers around. Bass is the mæssage!

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    deephop, Jungle, Juke, Steppers, Leipzig
    • 160 bpm
    • Key: Dm
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