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There is a breed in this world that you can't find looking to the majority. It blends well, it breaths deep, and It lives with you and I. If you lend your ears you can almost hear this breed calling out, ever so... deeply! A 'Heathen' sound. So unnatural, yet so familiar and infectious. Making sense through its tonality and humanistic nature, it will almost have you question your own beliefs.

We are proud to present to you yet another dark and creatively styled track from BROTHERS GRIM. Taking a slightly different direction compared to most of their releases off of the Bell Ringer imprint... their versatility just gets better and better with every tune they bring to the table. Coming at yea like rolling thunder and deep sub swells... This one is nothing short of being one of your top chosen tracks, weather you're a DJ, or just a bass music fan. Enhanced with the lyrical styles of Brothers Grim's very own MC ENVY. We are honored to release such depth and diversity to your eardrums! We present to you 'HEATHEN' by BROTHERS GRIM! Out on Bell Ringer Records and will be found exclusively on!! As a FREE DOWNLOAD!

ARTWORK by Nick Rickenbach
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