this one should have the hah hah hah sticker folks' - not really for little fuman ears!

Yo! hehe x
so to celebrate the 44 years of the wonderful hiphip for fish and fuman, here are some fish hiphip adventures for jump up funs x

it is unfortunate that this moment has to be tainted by the recent threats of hate from those humans' who consider themselves in charge!

the fish loves the fuman, no-one loves like the fuman!
unfortunately no-one hates like the human!

big loves are the answer peoples' fact x

as always, big loves, hip bumps n' flippers up
dl's open on this one peoples' to celebrate 44 years of wonderful hiphop beats for fish and human jump-up funs'
big loves, hip bumps n' flippers up
Yo! big loves to the all weather artist who provided the picture from the 'hookipa pillbox' November 2013 x

    0:00   Nice And Smooth - Old to the New
    14:00   Ozomatli - Cut Chemist Suite
    47:00   Blackalicious - Alphabet Aerobics

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