• this one has to go to the angel 'Jemima Layzell' and her famfams'
    much love, compassion and sympathies from the pond folk x BLESS x
    'it is a gift to care for an angel, the only problem being...they are always needed somewhere else'
    x big big big loves' to all x
    eddb and pond, ohana family x

morning lovely fumans'
flippers n' all
erm...yep here is the hour of fish funk on land adventures for fumans'... and whoever else may be into this sort of thing..
this one is from 7th September 17 x
hope you enjoy
big loves, hip bumps n' flippers up
ohh, big loves to 'Bryan collins' for the use of the 'funky fish' picture x

    40:20   Funky Destination - The Inside Man

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