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Techno & House Music since 93′


You will find here allmost every mixtape I´ve recorded since 1994. You can download them as high quality MP3-320kbps for free (online streaming quality is also 320kbps!). Back in the days I´ve sold them as hardcopy on tape or CD …exclusive, limited and from hand to hand. I decided to digitalize them all and share my vision of Techno and House to the world. This is my archive, my inner soul, my love and passion for of over 20 years of hunting and collecting the secret pearls in Techno and House Music. I can´t say how much years I´ve spend with crawling the vinyls in recordstores all over the world. Unfortunately they pass away faster and faster, but I can smell the taste of fresh and old vinyl everytime I listen to my mixtapes. Electronic music has never been that good as today, I love hunting, collecting and mixing it up to my vision of sound. When I record a mixtape then I just press record and start mixing. About twenty minutes later I´m deep in flow …it´s somehow like a hypnotic trip into sound. “When the music is loud it takes over your body and it just takes you to a whole other place” You can press play and skip a mixtape, but you will never feel what I felt while mixing. Take your time.

If you like what you hear I would be more than happy if you send me a beer.
paypal: bodofelusch [at]
I will start sharing HD mixtapes in 96kHz/24Bit AIF-files from January 2015
...just send me a beer and ask for a private download link

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born on 03-09-1974 in Duisburg/Germany

The DJ, producer and sound-engineer Bodo Felusch is a vinyl-junkie and music-freak. He buys what he likes doesn´t care about styles, “at the end it all merges into one”. Bored with the sound of his drums, he got into electronic-music, at the age of 16. Based on his love for jazz, blues, soul and funk, he discovered the variety and potential of electronic music.

“acoustically, electronically – manufactured or computer produced, doesn´t matter”

“composition is just a spark, the fire breaks out by hearing”

In 92´ he discovered the legendary “space-club” and “warehouse-parties” in cologne and began immediately to burn. 1993 he starts DJing and made himself a name in the early “cologne-scene” under the name “DJ Silver”. A year later he moved on to “slam-club” in bonn, where he got into playing 8-hour-sets on the “legendary wednesdays” as well as warm up for artists like Tony Humphries and Jeff Mills on saturday. He had a strong setback through a slipped disc in 1996. He decided to cancel all gigs and to get fit as fast as possible. Recovery took longer than he thought and he decided to do a collage-course in sound-engineering.

The productions that followed than were only meant for good friends and never published.

About the same time he started jobs in studios to gain experience in music and advertising production.

Soon his passion took him back to the streets and he started working as an audio-engineer in the event-industry where he works full-time and earns his living which he mainly invests in vinyl and good food.

In 2003 his first releases appeared with “Underworld-Recordings” which he produced for his old DJ- and schoolfriend DEE-LA. Additional publications followed with labels like “Earregular-Recordings” and “Three-Element-Recordings”. In 2004, under the name “THE-REAL-DEEL”, DEE-LA & FELUSCH appeared for the first time together and decided after several inquiries to go public with the worldwide known label “Sounds-Good Recordings”.

2005, Bodo Felusch launched his own, still, digital-only-label “UNVIRTUAL-MUSIC”, publications you will always find in well known cases all over the world. Always in action there is never enough time for promotion but beeing a follower of the indie label, were music and artist comes first, explains this.

In the same year he began to spin records again and got his first experience in live-performance. In his DJ-sets he uses everything he likes and his sound merges into hypnotic “electronic-deep-progressive-tec-house-tribal”.

With constantly tuned own productions his sets are always worth an open ear.

“Music is massage for ears”

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    • Type: Podcast
    • 119 bpm
    • Key: Abm
    • Köln, Germany
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