Profile description of Blackleg:

Blackleg -A Polish Bass dj and producer. His Adventure with music started when the first computer arrived home. Educated on sounds of J.M.Jarre, Vangelis, M.Bilinski'ego he loved electronic music. In 1997 he had the first contact with club music. In 1998 he heard drum'n'bass and he definitely loved that sound. He started to make his first productions on immortal FastTracker. In 2001 he joined "Made in Poland" -a contest of young Polish d'n'b producers, organized by legendary crew Sonic Trip. His track "Life Arena" was in first 10. Year later - the second edition of "Made In Poland" - his track "Monolith" was in the finals. Blackleg appears also in the official compilation "1st Selection of Made In Poland". He was the founder of Polish drum'n'bass crew Partizans. Later he began to explore other types of bass music. In 2007 he started to make dubstep music which resulted in a contract with the Californian label SubPressure. Bass Is A Must !!

    Magnetic Soul - A Different Path (Original Mix)
    Silence Groove - Hidden Lies (Original Mix)
    Waeys - Mist
    WondaMike - Mohican Sun (Original Mix)
    Dizarity - Velvet (Original mix)
    Satl - Just Words (Original Mix)
    Neuron - Blue Lights (Original Mix)
    Shivaxi - Special Lens (Original Mix)
    Rift - Where Did You Go (Original Mix)
    Bludream - Follow Me (Original Mix)
    Nelver - Our Time (Original Mix)
    Skylark - Pressure Points
    Alix Perez - Ain't Nothing (Original Mix)
    Greekboy - Voyage (Original Mix)
    InTake & Skydata - Reflections (Original Mix)
    Klinical - Blind Mosaics
    Deekline & Specimen A - Titanic (Original Mix)
    FX909 - Pretence (Original Mix)
    Shapeless - Moodswing (Original Mix)
    Subrix - Raw New World (Original Mix)
    Tokyo Prose - Dust (Original Mix)
    Low:r - Hook A Duck (Original Mix)
    Lyndon Jarr & Daniel Power - Upstream Colour (Original Mix)
    1 Step 2 Far - Light Being (Radicall Remix)
    Dustkey - Gunpoint Stares (Original Mix)
    FX909 - The Lady In Red (Original Mix)
    FX909 - In Vain (Original Mix)
    Greekboy - DCO (Original Mix)
    Linear & K2T - Icebreaker (Incus Remix)
    MidKnighT MooN - Oma (Original Mix)
    Option - In The Clouds (Echo Motion Remix)
    Monika - Wunderbar Blues (Original Mix)
    UnRestricted Agent - Driving Fast (Original Mix)
    Arcatype - Canis Minor (Original Mix)
    The Vanguard Project - Blacklist (Bop Remix)
    Monty & Visages - Black Shield (Original Mix)
    Komax - Sinking Bathyscaph (Original Mix)
    Manikin & Imba - Redemption (Original Mix)
    Meen - Discovery (Original Mix)
    DJ Marky & Pola & Bryson - Into the Blue (Original Mix)
    Phase 2 - Stranger Things(Original Mix)
    Emery & Dreazz x SiLi - The Lights (Original Mix)
    Hyroglifics - Silver Lining(Original Mix)
    Etherwood - Latida(Original Mix)
    Furney - West Central Street (Original Mix)
    Enei feat. Charli Brix - Get Closer (Original Mix)
    Esc.Ape, Kit Curse - The Fall(Original Mix)
    Former Allies - Chronicles(Original Mix)
    Cosmic Sequence & Alexvnder - Deeper Meaning (Original Mix)
    Cosmic Sequence & Alexvnder - Now & Forever(Original Mix)
    Phaction - Your Love(Original Mix)
    Conrad Subs - On You (Original Mix)

    Drum & Bass
    • 93 bpm
    • Key: Fm
    • Norwich, UK
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