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am Tshimologo Makhudu better known as Black Chyld. Black Chyld born and raised in Johannesburg. Black Chyld started his music career early around 2010 since then I never looked back, in this music industry of music i have inspired buy lot of Djs and producers to there point where I wanted to see myself in this music
Black Chyld has his own music style..EDM.EDM.AfroTeEDM.EDM.AfroTechProgressiveHouse.EDM.EDM.AfroTeEDM.EDM.AfroTechProgressiveHouse.MelodicHouse.EDM.EDM.AfroTeEDM.EDM.AfroTechProgressiveHouse.EDM.EDM.AfroTeEDM.EDM.AfroTechProgressiveHouse.MelodicHouse.DeepTech

BlackbChyld his a self taught dj and it was so easy but it amazing experience ever

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