• DJ Female@Work, FemaleAtWorkTranceDJ (Birgit Fienemann)
    Euphoric Airlines 03.10.2021 - Uplifting and Vocal Trance Mix - DJ Female@Work (FemaleAtWorkTranceDJ) live in the Mix 320kbit/s

    #3 Euphoric Airlines 03.10.2021 - Uplifting and Vocal Trance Mix - DJ Female@Work (FemaleAtWorkTranceDJ) live in the Mix by DJ Female@Work, FemaleAtWorkTranceDJ (Birgit Fienemann)
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Uplifting Trance, Vocal Trance, OrchesTrance! Mixed live every week by DJ Female@Work|FemaleAtWorkTranceDJ on RauteMusik.Trance.

Every Sunday afternoon, immerse yourself in the most beautiful trance tracks: new, promising pieces and tried-and-tested classics. Every Sunday from 5.30pm to 8pm Cet/MEZ/MESZ on rm.fm/trance.

Who wants to support DJ Female@Work | FemaleAtWorkTranceDJ directly, please use my PayPal mail address biggi0001@aol.com or paypal.me/BirgitFienemann

    0:00   XXXXXXXXXXX - XXXXX (For Fans only)
    1:54   XXXXXXXXXXX - XXXXX (For Fans only)
    7:11   XXXXX - XXXX (For Fans only)
    12:48   XXXXX - XXXXXX (For Fans only)
    17:29   XXXXXXXXX - XXXXXXXX (For Fans only)
    22:36   XXXXXXXX - XXXXXXXX (For Fans only)
    26:23   XXXXXXXX - XXX (For Fans only)
    32:04   XXXX - XXXXXX (For Fans only)
    37:59   XXXXXXXX - XXXXX (For Fans only)
    42:54   XXXXXXXXX - X (For Fans only)
    49:31   XXXXXXXXX - XXXXXX (For Fans only)
    53:53   XXXXXXXXX - XX (For Fans only)
    1:00:01   XXXX - XXX (For Fans only)
    1:05:48   XXXX - XX (For Fans only)
    1:12:08   XXXXXXXX - XXX (For Fans only)
    1:17:05   XXXXXXXXXXX - XX (For Fans only)
    1:24:02   XXXXXXXXXX - XXXXXX (For Fans only)
    1:28:23   XXXXXXXX - XX (For Fans only)
    1:32:51   XXXXXXXXX - XXXXXXXX (For Fans only)
    1:38:49   XXXXXXX - X (For Fans only)
    1:45:59   XXXXXXXX - XXX (For Fans only)
    1:50:38   XXXXX - XXXXXXXX (For Fans only)
    1:57:14   XXXXXXX - XXXX (For Fans only)
    2:03:08   XXXXXXXXXX - XX (For Fans only)
    2:10:32   XXXXXXXXXXX - XXX (For Fans only)
    2:15:50   XXXXXXXXXXX - XXXXXXXX (For Fans only)
    2:21:20   XXXX - XXXXXXXX (For Fans only)

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    • Type: Mix
    • 138 bpm
    • Key: Gbm
    • Burgbrohl, Deutschland
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