I like to keep an ear out for poems which might inspire and be set to sounds, particularly imagistic poems.

I chanced upon this poem called 'Black Nights', written and spoken by Shirley Kobar, here:

It evoked the kind of sounds I like to make, with its ambivalent imagery.
It speaks to me of the eternal feminine, and the pathos of distance, all via the language of Space.
Of how the need to repel includes the need to attract; and how the need to hide is allied to the need to expose .... One-Self ...

Black Nights.

The sky is quilted, with double crochets,
Peace magenta horizon,
Fisted stars torch,
Blinded milky way,
As it rollercosters
Around a tangled moon.

Where does she stay,
On black nights?
Tucked under, no doubt,
Warming toes, and solar flares.
Surfing puddles in a riddle,
Gleaming on windows.

Or hidden in a lagoon,
Drawing waves like a blanket,
Far from Peeping Toms
And binoculars.

Where would you be?

[Black Nights, by Shirley Kobar]

Bill Boethius: guitars, bass, synths

Shirley Kobar, vocals and words,
Bill Boethius, sounds and production

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