New ears for new music.

The experience of seven solitudes.
New ears for new music,
New eyes for what is most distant.

A new conscience for truth that had hitherto remained unheard.
The will to economise in the grand manner, and hold together its strength, its enthusiasm.

Reverence of self,
Love of self,
Absolute freedom of self.

The rest are merely humanity.
One must make oneself superior to humanity;
In power,
In loftiness of soul,
In contempt.

[FW Nietzsche, from the Preface to the Antichrist – translated by Mencken, read by Cohen, in public domain]

Nietzsche’s words on music have always inspired me, particularly the words here. We need the hard words of Nietzsche today more than ever.

I did set the whole of the Preface to sounds, but cut it down to the few words above as I felt that to do justice to the whole preface the sounds would have to run to hours.

Bill Boethius; guitars, theremin, bass, synth.

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