If you ask yourself why the title of this unnecessary piece of garbage is 'no title', then you seem to question the right things in life. It's nor an interesting neither a meaningful story I'm about to tell, but - and this is what it's all about – it fills the void of this blank page.

Well let's skip the first part of my story and directly go to the second one. It was a rainy night in Berlin. My bus was slightly delayed and I nearly forgot my cd case at my sleeping place. Actually I did... Well not my whole case. But I had some new cds with me and didn't have them on my mind at this very moment.

So, we went back to the flat, grabbed them and tried to get to the location asap. As we arrived a little later than expected, we found ourselves in the lovely atmosphere of one of the nicest basements I know. It was amazing again! I really enjoyed the setting as much as I did last year. It was both times total carnage and I'm pretty sure that this trend will go on!

Let's come back to the main story line. I thought that I would play a relaxing chill out industrial set, like this one here, and later a hardcore one. However, due to my late arrival and further DJs we skipped my industrial set, which was super fine to me. I was able to focus on the main things and could listen to weird music and had weird conversations with weird people on even weirder topics. Some things were also quite productive. But you'll see next year yourself ;)

Coming back to the music we all could witness over there. I have rarely seen a such good composition of dark styles in a long time. Ok, in Erfurt of course, but apart from that it's been a while. From techno to acid to gabba and beyond - it was amazing. Large respect to the handsome craftsman who rocked the turntables before I played. Such a sick selection!

It was simply crazy, even at 8 am when I played around 280 BPM there was actually a full floor. I have to admit that it was only half full (even that's adorable). But when the lights were turned on, people realized it was their last chance to move some feet, came back and filled the floor again.

I enjoyed it very much and thought – since I didn't play something slower that night - it might be nice to upload a mix. Well this one here is obviously not the newest one... I recorded it about two years ago, but never uploaded it. I gave it to some friends and they all liked it. It was planned to be in a context of interrelated single mixes. This whole arrangement consists of three separate elements that work independently but are still in a larger context.

It may sound a little ridiculous, but I thought of a triptych. A pretty dark one. Like the one on the right side. If you don't know to what I'm referring to, I'd recommend to throw 'garden of earthly delights' into a search engine of your choice. I never was really satisfied with the other parts I recorded, so I postponed the rework until eternity. Therefore I never uploaded any part yet.

But I thought to myself, since most people really enjoyed the slow mix in particular, it might be nice, if I upload this mix anyway. I guess most of you don't care if the tracks are a little older. They are still decent as fuck. These tracks take you on a rough journey, but as I know you, you are going to like it :)

Thanks for listening and also for reading.


1 The Outside Agency - DMT
2 Encrypter - Fucker (Dep_Affect_remix)
3 Synaptic Memories - Flagellum
4 Sidephex - Solitary Confinement
5 Tymon - Fade To Black
6 Dither & Deathmachine - Entropy
7 Switch Technique - The Sun
8 The Relic - Mindlock (1138 Mix by The Relic)
9 Ophidian + Hamunpatra - Darkness Incarnate
10Synaptic Memories + Tripped Invisible
11Sacerdos Vigilia - About Clipping
12Negative A - Angeldust
13Promo - The Vow

    12:00   The Outside Agency - Q-BASE 2016 Continuous Mix by The Outside Agency
    18:00   Switch Technique - The Sun

    • 160 bpm
    • Key: Gm
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