Again, it took me too long to record something. I don't know exactly what takes me so long lately... But if we look on the bright side, you can listen to something new now. So who cares anyway!? And honestly, who the hell is actually reading these texts at all? For those of you who do, I have to disappoint you. This time I'm not in the mood to write as much down as usual. It's still all about the music. I guess most of you are here because they made a horrible mistake, others may actually like this music (only Satan knows why) and the rest is most probably somewhere in between. So screw all this and listen to some hardcore!

  1. DJ Hidden – Primitive
  2. Micromakine – The Past Is Dead
  3. Bryan Fury & AK-Industry - Terrorize (Noizeskill Remix)
  4. Cooh, Switch Technique – Iron Factory
  5. Fragz - FTK
  6. The Dj Producer - Problematic Frequency (Deathmachine Freq Edition revision)
  7. Dither - Alien Resistance (Sei2ure Remix)
  8. I:Gor - Rage
  9. Syrinx – Mercy In Darkness
  10. Switch Technique - Wave
  11. The Outside Agency - The Sunrise
  12. D-Passion – Evolution
  13. Jason Little - Ameno
  14. Dolphin - 2018
  15. Sei2ure - Fucker
  16. Igneon System – The Roughest
  17. Deathmachine - Fear
  18. Detest – Motherfuckaaa (Okonomiyaki Frenzy Remix)
  19. Drokz & Khaoz Engine - Man Made Terror
  20. Dj Skull Vomit - Swamp Bitch (Feat. Baseck, Otto Von Schirach & Surachai)
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • Release Date: 2015-10-11
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