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ROTH -Freeze
Tough Groove-Harlem Reinassance
Jorge & Carmelo Carone-JACK the ACID Kid
Twin // Peaks-You To Me
Supernova-What What
Stanny Abram & Oliver Carloni-Exodus
Thijs Haal-On The Drums
System 2-Fandango (Jacky Remix)
A Double-Just Groovin
Maurice Joshua-This Is Acid (DJ Nipper Edit)
Motivbreaks-I Know It
Strange Rollers-Fog Machine
Charlo & Refactor-Bad Boi
Broke & Twisted-I Want UR Love
Rave Breakz-Where Prodigy Lives
Rave Breakz-Feel The Friction
Pursuit-Feel The Heat
The House Crew-We Are Hardcore (Magic Fantasy Mix)
Puffin' Billy-Weekend Warehouse
Ant To Be-You Know What
dJ fLow-In The Air
TNO Project-Here Comes Da Feelin'
DJ Dirty One-Keep It Moving (VIP Mix)
Command Strange-Zero Sugar
Durban-Rock The Disco

    0:00   ROTH - Freeze
    6:00   Tough Groove - Harlem Renaissance
    10:20   Jorge - Jack the Acid Kid
    21:40   Supernova - Rock The Disco - Original Mix
    26:20   Sankuh - Check
    37:40   Italobros - The Jungle
    40:20   System2 - Fandango
    49:40   Maurice Joshua - This Is Acid (KnT Dance Mix)
    53:20   The Fly Boys - This Is Penis
    57:20   Strange Rollers - Fog Machine
    1:01:20   Spekktrum - Quantum - Original Mix
    1:02:40   Spekktrum - Quantum
    1:29:00   The House Crew - We Are Hardcore
    1:51:40   DJ Dirty One - Keep It Moving - VIP Mix
    1:52:20   DJ Dirty One - Keep It Moving
    1:57:00   Command Strange - Zero Sugar
    2:00:20   Durban - Rock The Disco

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