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A good mix is like a good glas of wine, with a good story and taste.. the taste build up in your ear, is going the path to your brain and just starts to make you smile and enjoying. How simple is that, but good to know that the best wine needs little bit of time to built up - so as this mix, give it time to built up into great moves and sounds, you see it little like a book, the good and unexpected stuff comes to the end with a highlight in the middle..

thanks for listening

beatfusion /Yel

    3:20   Mathias Tanzmann - Konoa
    11:20   Guido Schneider - Luna
    19:20   Sven Tasnadi - Eighteen
    27:40   Sven Tasnadi - The Holy Grail
    36:20   Tomson & Benedict - Switch
    45:00   Anja Schneider - Caracas
    51:20   Dan Drastic - Room Full of Heroes
    1:03:20   Kain & Aber - Battle
    1:10:40   Roberto Rodriguez - Sixth Non Sense

    Deep House
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