The second edition of our Cast is mixed by „Dr Woe", resident DJ and graphic designer of Bass Forward The Revolution.

Being active as a DJ since 2004, „Dr Woe" evolved a multifaceted creative output. Whether he is producing trip hop under his „Moonshyna“ alias, experimental drum and bass as one half of „Scary Woods“ or his early neurofunk influenced signature sound as „Dr Woe", he knows how to express his distinguished style, combining the advantages of analog and digital production.

In 2016, Woe co-founded the drum & bass label „Insomnius Music“, which from then on has been the home for several of his own releases. Beside his residency at Bass Forward The Revolution, he is also part of the Lübeck based „The Outrider Crew". In addition, „Dr Woe" is hosting the „Keep Da Bass Rollin'“ Podcast, with which he constituted a suitable format to show his passion for the deeper styles of drum and bass.

Expect 90 minutes of a distinctive dark selection, ranging from trueskool to modern and harder drum and bass, including various own productions.

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  1. Counterstrike, Hallucinator - Don't Feel The Same (Algorythm Recordings)
  2. Gancher & Ruin - Kickback (NMA)
  3. Audio - Elements (Snake Pit Records)
  4. Scary Woods - Enrage! (Insomnius Music)
  5. Teddy Killerz feat Mc Cardz - Shinjuku (Eatbrain)
  6. Juno - Banshee (C4C Recordings)
  7. BSA - Get Down (Triamer Recordings)
  8. Current Value - Mars (MethLab Recordings)
  9. Merikan - Witch Hunter (Blackout Music NL)
  10. Burr Oak - Revenge (Freetune)
  11. Spor - Cohesion (Sotto Voce Records)
  12. Victim - Panic (Citrus Recordings)
  13. Dr Woe - Separate {2018 RMX} (Insomnius Music)
  14. Mampi Swift - Gangster {MNDSCP Rmx} (Charge Recordings)
  15. Jade - Angry (Eatbrain)
  16. Traced feat Dark D - Critical VIP (Close 2 Death)
  17. 3RDKND - The Upside Down {Donny VIP} (Forbidden Society Recordings)
  18. Katharsys - Hell Of A Twist (Barcode Recordings)
  19. Noisia - Block Control (Moving Shadow)
  20. Photek - Baltimore {Tech Itch and Dylan Rmx} (Science)
  21. Masheeen - Frozen Nature (Habit Recordings)
  22. Propaganda & Meth - Stash (Offkey)
  23. Current Value - Wulf (Offkey)
  24. Technical Itch feat. Mc Jakes - Soldiers (Technical Itch Recordings)
  25. C.A.B.L.E. - Blackout (Renegade Hardware)
  26. Technical Itch - Novendor VIP (Technical Itch Recordings)
  27. Masheeen - Earthschock (DSCI4)
  28. Limewax - Demolished (Lost Soul Recordings)
  29. Nekura - Koga (Killing Sheep Records)
  30. Optiv, Chris SU, Axiom - Soulcube (Redlight Records)
  31. Vicious Circle - Amityville (Renegade Hardware)
  32. Twisted Anger - Mothership (Dread Recordings)
  33. Bad Company - Seizure (Virus Recordings)
  34. Audio & Dylan - The Birth And The Death (Techfreak)
  35. Counterstrike & KC - Extreme Mutilation VIP (Algorythm Recordings)
  36. Kemal & Tech Itch - The Calling {Evol Intent vs Ewun Rmx} (Moving Shadow)
  37. Allied - Concept (M-Atome)
  38. The Sect - Hellbound (Habit Recordings)
  39. Triple Sickz & QST - Tinitus (Fractal Dnb)
  40. Current Value - Planar (Blackout Music NL)
  41. Dr Woe - Rita´s Warriors (Insomnius Music)
  42. Mindset & Despersion - Stopping Time (0101 Music)
  43. Picota & Kumbh - Isolation (Citrus Recordings)
  44. Zerx - Alligator (Citate Forms)
  45. DSurr - Bird of Prey (Tactical Audio)
  46. Heist & Zombie Cats - Falcon (Bad Taste Recordings)
  47. Drumsound & Bassline Smith - I Can Never Get Enough (Technique Recordings)
  48. Total Science - Fallen Angel {Dr Woe Rmx} (Not On Label)
  49. Thrive, Smeerlapp - Kicksville (Hanzom Music)
  50. Black Sun Empire, Pythius - Kepler (Blackout Music NL)
  51. Fourward feat. Coppa - Ability (Eatbrain)
  52. Prolix - Beyond The Satellite (Trendkill Records)
  53. IHR & Shadow Sect - FCKNGJMP (PRSPCT Recordings)
  54. Gein & Counterstrike - Dollars For Christ (Algorythm Recordings)
  55. Katharsys, East Kingdom - In The Dark (Future Sickness Records)
  56. BSA - Fly With Me (Yellow Stripe Recordings)
  57. Sublove - Drum & Bass Programme {Timme Rmx} (KFA Recordings)
  58. Sinister Souls feat. Kryptomedic - 100 Lives (Othercide Records)
  59. Dylan, Technical Itch - Golden Sword (Tech Itch Recordings)
  60. Limewax - Jungled Vibes (PRSPCT Recordings)
  61. Donny, Sinister Souls - Kill The Right People (Barcode Recordings)
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    • Type: Podcast
    • 87 bpm
    • Key: Abm
    • Hamburg, Deutschland
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