This music is about my little friend when I've met her she was five years old and she was and is very clever, she teach me lots of things about creativity also about life!
My last week with her she did a special drawing to me and I was very surprised because she did exaclty about what is my favorite thing on the year! "Christmas".
It was 3 months ago, wasn't properly time to think about christmas so, how she thought that? I don't know but she thought exaclty about my favorite thing on the year and put that on my secret book, crazy right?
But definitely is something magic and I can't forget that and I've put all this energy in this track and as you can see this music have her name with her favorite word "Claro".
So have magic and great christmas my friend, you're a special person in my life!


"AxB one", an ambitious musician from the 80s excited to bring great music from the invisible world and increase the entertainment.

"AxB one" do music in your different way and believe every artist have to create music thinking always about do in your way, that's because every musician is a special improvement for music.

While everything is in create mode you can be active on the everything which is happening right now. Be sure you follow all social media for that.

As you can see, the master goal for the "AxB one" is put your ideas into a lots of albums which everyone can enjoy by a good sound device.
At the end, it's time to increase your sound volume!

~ Cheeers!!!

    xmas, christmas, lilly, magic, inspire, happy
    • Type: Original
    • 160 bpm
    • Key: C
    • City of London, United Kingdom
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