Jenny Karol - ReBirth.The Future is Now! #10

    Jenny Karol - ReBirth.The Future is Now! #10 by AVIVMEDIA.FM
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From Radiostations:
AVIV Radio (Israel)
ONLY JD (Netherland)
DI RADIO ( Zagreb/Croatia)
Lumix FM (Ukraine)
Trance World (Irеland)

“There’s a space between the beginning and the end,
In that place we suffer, and we see our loved ones suffer because us.
There’s a space between our birth and death,
a space where people laugh and shed their tears,
a place of broken hearts, and celebrations,
a place where People pray and God ignores their pain,
In life we love and then we cheat;
We lust and then repent, In life we die, and die again,
And then we hope our new rebirth.” ― Quetzal

    0:00   Dan Schneider - Hiperbórea - Intro Mix
    5:20   Michael L. - I Will Never Burn Again
    11:20   Soundlift - King Of My Castle (Original Mix)
    18:20   Magic Sense - Rain
    22:40   Liftshift,Yestermorrow - Life = Perfect (Yestermorrow Remix)
    29:00   Hiromori Aso - Never Ending Truth - Last Soldier Remix
    35:40   Icone - Life
    42:00   7Wonders - Beyond The Shore - 1
    50:40   First Sight - Alvorada
    51:20   First Sight Vs. Emanuele Congeddu & Julia Lav - Alvorada - Extended Mix
    53:00   Ital - Raices

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