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    Arcan DJ - The Hunter Live #018 - Aura

    Arcan DJ - The Hunter Live #018 - Aura by Arcan Dj
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Profile description of Arcan Dj:

This rhythm lover from Madrid began his story at the end of the 90s. With the turn of the millennium on the horizon, he had already managed to carve out a small niche in the electronic scene of his city.

Influenced by Madrid's musical trends, he gained a niche as a resident in sessions such as "Ministry of Sound" (Sala Bash - Madrid) or Dahó Club. After going through various venues and parties, he decided to embark on new musical projects and form, along with others two colleagues, the collective of djs "Trance Culture", holding parties and raves in different parts of the capital.

His musical character led him to be invited on radio programs such as "Frecuencies", by Giorgio Ponticelli (Di.FM), Overdance (Dj Tango "Loca Fm"), as well as in some rooms and parties in the national territory. (Madrid, Toledo, Granada, Guadalajara, Bilbao, Tarragona ...)

His style has been continuously recycled, experimenting with different sounds until he found his current style, dynamic and with great rhythm loads.

Member of the "LB Project" formation, along with his partner Dj Life. As an announcer he has directed and collaborated in various programs on various Madrid radios, sharing a microphone with other DJs and announcers such as Janosound, Nacho Balmes or Dj Tango, among others.

//////// SPANISH BIO
Este madrileño amante del ritmo comenzó su historia a finales de los 90. Con el cambio de milenio a las puertas ya había conseguido hacerse un pequeño hueco en el panorama electrónico de su ciudad.

Influenciado por las tendencias musicales madrileñas, se cosecho un hueco como residente en sesiones como "Ministry of Sound" (Sala Bash - Madrid) o Dahó Club.Tras pasar por diversas salas y fiestas decidió embarcase en nuevos proyectos musicales y formar, junto a otros dos compañeros, el colectivo de djs "Trance Culture", realizando fiestas y raves en diferentes puntos de la capital.

Su caracter musical le llevo a ser invitado en programas de radio como "Frecuencies", de Giorgio Ponticelli (Di.FM), Overdance (Dj Tango "Loca Fm"), así como en alguna salas y fiestas del territorio nacional. (Madrid, Toledo, Granada, Guadalajara, Bilbao, Tarragona...)

Su estilo se ha ido reciclando continuamente, experimentando con diversos sonidos hasta encontrar su actual estilo, dinámico y con grandes cargas de ritmo.

Integrante de la formación "LB Project", junto a su compañero Dj Life. Como locutor ha dirigido y colaborado en varios programas en diversas radios madrileñas, compartiendo micrófono con otros Djs y locutores como Janosound, Nacho Balmes o Dj Tango, entre otros.

    2:16   CHANEY - Bet You (I Do) (Extended Mix)
    4:16   Alex Pizzuti - La Pluma
    8:17   James Hype - Ferrari (Extended Mix) (Feat. Miggy)
    10:17   James Hype feat. Miggy - Ferrari
    12:16   Jack Wins - Yes! (Extended Mix)
    14:17   BOT - All My Life To Live (Hannah Wants Remix)
    16:14   DJ Sneak - Hecha Pa' Ca
    18:15   Pato's Groove - Macao (Gabry Venus Remix)
    20:14   David Guetta - If You Really Love Me (How Will I Know)
    24:20   Mario Grimaldi - La Cantadora
    28:17   PAWSA - Roll Play (Original Mix)
    30:18   Oden & Fatzo - Lauren (Claptone Extended Remix)
    36:15   Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam - NightFunk Radio Edit
    40:15   Nic Fanciulli - Understand (Original Mix)
    58:12   Above & Beyond & Justine Suissa - Almost Home
    1:02:13   Damate - Eternity (Mixed)
    1:10:16   Lustral - Everytime (Wym353) [Nalin & Kane Remix]
    1:12:13   Mouse's Mistake - Connectivity
    1:16:16   Mr. Pit - Mosni
    1:20:13   Tiësto - Ancient History
    1:40:14   Chicane - Don't Give Up
    1:44:14   Mojado(???) - Senorita (Mr Sam Vision)
    1:46:16   Mojado - Senorita (Mr Sam Vocal Vision)
    1:48:13   Ibiza Trance Classics - Senorita (Mr Sam Vocal Vision) - Mojado
    1:54:15   Rank 1 - Airwave
    1:58:15   Armada: Best of 5 Years - Armada: Best of 5 Years (CD2) [Full Continuous Mix]
    2:00:14   Ridgewalkers ft. El - Find (Vocal Part)
    2:06:15   Tiësto - Escape Me (feat. C.C. Sheffield)
    2:14:15   southstar - Miss You
    2:20:14   Tiësto - Lethal Industry (Maddix Remix)
    2:22:13   Tiësto - Lethal Industry (ASOT 1159) (Maddix Remix)
    2:24:12   Creeds - Push Up (Main Edit)
    2:32:14   La Luna - When the Morning Comes (Space Cadets Mix)
    2:36:13   Tomaz & Filterheadz - los Hijos del Sol (Tomaz vs. Filterheadz)
    2:38:13   Surgeon - La Real, Pt. 1

    • 136 bpm
    • Key: Am
    • Madrid, España
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