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In this new video, we will see together the advantages and disadvantages of the Sbobet bookmaker. Here is Maxence Rigottier from the blog Today in this new video I am going to tell you about the pros and cons of Asian bookmaker Sbobet. You may be saying to yourself, thank you, Maxence, but what is Sbobet? Do I have access to it?
If you are a French resident or in another country where you do not have access to Sbobet at the present time, inside my private club Paris Sportifs and my training Bettor winner, like a pro j 'explains how to access Sbobet, even if you are a French resident, even if you live in a country where it is not accessible. I explain all this inside my private Paris Sportifs club and my winning bettor training, like a pro.
Advantage number 1: Being able to make small bets
Today, in this video, I will film my screen and at the same time, I will introduce you to Sbobet and explain the advantages and disadvantages of this bookmaker. Here we go and good video. We are now connected to the interface of my Sbobet account. The first advantage of Sbobet is to be able to make small bets. If you have a small capital and want to make small bets, you can see it here, the minimum stake is one euro per bet. If you have a small bankroll, you will be able to make small bets.
Advantage number 2: Access to exotic championships (Malta for example…)
The second advantage of Sbobet is to have access to a lot of championships. For example, I show you. I live in Malta and we are going to go on a Maltese event. You see you can bet on the Maltese Championship. There are a lot of different football championships. You also have basketball, tennis, all the possible and unimaginable sports, which is nice. Another advantage of the Sbobet bookmaker is to be able to play live. Not all bookmakers offer it. You have the odds which evolve according to the match.
Advantage number 3: Access to lots of special bets
Another point is to have an avalanche of special bets in every game. We take the example of the match between Fiorentina and Cesena. You see 1X2, first half, the Asian handicaps. I also explain all this in my training Secure your predictions, Asian handicaps -1.25, -1.75, -0.50, -0.75, etc. If you don't know what it is today, I made different videos and I invite you to watch them, it will let you know the subtlety. Then you have double odds, correct scores i.e. match score bets, correct score bets at half time, result at half time, half-time / full -time. You have first goal, last goal.
Advantage number 4: Access to “live” bets
You have a lot of special bets, so I invite you to browse the Sbobet interface.

  1. Advantage number 1: make small bets
  2. Advantage number 2: access to a lot of championships. For example I showed you the Maltese championship where I live
  3. Advantage number 3: access to a lot of special bets
  4. Advantage number 4: having live
    Advantage number 5: no limit on earnings. Even if you win 5,000, 10,000, 15,000 euros or more on Sbobet, you will never be limited, so that's why Sbobet is part of the tools to bet like a pro, like Pinnacle, Betfair, Neteller, Bet365. Even when you've won 1000, 5000, 10,000, 15,000 euros, you are not going to be limited like bookies like Marathon Bet, Lad Brokes, Paddy Power, etc.
    Advantage number 5: No limit on earnings
    It is really a bookmaker that you need to have in your tools to bet like a pro. And the last advantage is that the interface is nice . You can have all of the different sports quite naturally. It is quite well done.
    Benefit number 6: Convenient website interface
    I will now show you the downsides. They are as follows:
    Disadvantage number 1: Sbobet offers lower odds than Pinnacle
    The number 1 downside is that Sbobet offers odds that are slightly lower than Pinnacle . If you go to different odds comparators like odds.bestbetting, or odds portal, you will see that Sbobet still has slightly lower odds than Pinnacle. This is the first drawback.
    Disadvantage number 2: Inability to make combination bets
    The number 2 drawback is that we cannot make handsets on Sbobet today . Maybe this will change depending on when you watch this video, but today we can't do handsets. If we want to do Inter Milan, Fiorentina, it will take two single bets at 10 euros for example. We see the odds at 1.35 and the odds at 1.40. 10 euros times 1.35, that's 13.50 euros. 10 euros times 1.40, that's 14 euros. 14 euros +13.50 euros, 27.50 euros, so that's two single bets. We cannot make handsets.
    Disadvantage number 3: Lower liquidity than on Pinnacle
    And the other weak point of Sbobet which is a small weak point, is that there is liquidity which is lower compared to Pinnacle . You see that the minimum bet is 1 euro and at the maximum, I can play 4572 euros on this match, while on championships like the Italian Serie A on Pinnacle, you will be able to bet without any problem 15,000, 20,000, 30 000 euros if you wish.
    If I come back to my example from Malta. The minimum is two euros and maximum 286 euros on this bet. If you want to play 400 euros for example, you can play 286 euros at this odds, then the odds will update and you can put 114 euros back on the new odds that you will see immediately after.
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