Did you know that over 55% of US Consumers Listened to Podcasts in 2020?

In an earlier post ( What is a podcast? Compilation of knowledge ) I wrote about what a podcast is, told you how to start listening to podcasts, and recommended podcasts worth subscribing to.

In this post, I will focus on the benefits of listening to podcasts and explain why I am completely addicted to them! ๐Ÿ™‚

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# 1 Real and practical knowledge

Each of the podcasts I listen to focuses on a specific area of โ€‹โ€‹knowledge. I listen to p odcasts on internet marketing, health, personal finance and personal development . From these podcasts I learned a lot of practical tips that I successfully apply in my life.

Really, none of my words can convey the enormous amount of knowledge I have gained from podcasting. I think that I learned more from them than in both my fields of study combined, and I studied at the University of Wisconsin. I think that's saying something ๐Ÿ™‚

# 2 Food for thoughts

What you eat affects how you look, feel and how healthy you are. It is the same with thoughts.

What you put into your mind affects the quality of your thoughts, how you perceive the world and the ideas you generate.

Anyone with a creative job will benefit from listening to podcasts as they bring tons of new ideas into the mind.

# 3 Easy and convenient access

Podcast is a medium that is very convenient. For two reasons:

Podcasts are in the form of audio - you don't need eyesight to enjoy them. That way, you can do several other things at the same time. I often listen to podcasts myself while walking, cleaning or exercising at the gym. For me, this is perfect as it allows me to do several things at once and be very effective.
Podcasts can be listened to via smartphone, so you can listen to them anywhere. If you ever meet me on the street and walk in headphones, 90% of me is listening to a podcast.
# 4 Podcasts keep you from wasting your time

Imagine this situation:

You are at the airport waiting for the plane. You still have 3 hours until departure, and you don't have any book with you or anything that could keep your attention for longer. What will you do not to get bored?

You guessed it! In such a situation, podcasts have always come to my rescue, not once or twice. I wasted no time in pointless bouncing around airport corners or trying to sleep awake.

This is where the power of podcasting is most noticed. Time that would otherwise be wasted, you can spend on developing your passion and deepening your knowledge.


Driving on the bus - I listen to podcasts.
While waiting in line - I listen to podcasts.
While cleaning - I listen to podcasts.
Waiting for someone - you know what you listen to.
# 5 Podcasts cheer you up

The podcast is a source of positive emotions and energy. More than once or twice, listening to amusing exchanges between Shawn and Jade from the podcast "The Model Health Show" or Don and JJ from the podcast "Storybrand" I smiled like stupid to cheese, or even burst out laughing.

Imagine that you are on the bus at 8 am and someone laughs at no other time. People often looked at me suspiciously, but I couldn't help myself. These podcasts are great ๐Ÿ™‚

# 6 You become attached to podcasters

Joe Rogan - one of the most famous American podcasters
In his podcasts, he often shares personal experiences and private matters.

After listening to dozens or hundreds of episodes, you become attached to a given podcast, you feel that you know it and that it is your close friend. Really!

Many podcasters talk about such a cognitive shock when they are approached by people they have not seen in their life, and behave like good old friends and ask about family matters. Can you imagine it?

I didn't believe it until I experienced it myself. Take a look at my photo with Joe Rogan. He is very surprised at him because I hugged him. I myself felt so comfortable with him, as if I were approaching my longtime acquaintance. It's a funny feeling.

And why do you listen to podcasts and which ones?

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